Feature Films • Largometrajes

in alphabetical order • En órden alfabético

Black Butler: The Book of Atlantic, USA

Charismata, United Kingdom

Dave made a Maze, USA

Dogged, United Kingdom

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, Japan

Hagazussa: A Heathen's Curse, USA

Hostile, France

Legend of the Naga Pearls, China

Once Upon a Time, China

Patient 001, USA

Firegate, Indonesia

Replace, Germany

RV: Resurrected Victims, Korea

Steven Berkoff's Tell Tale Heart, United Kingdom

Terra Formars, Japan

The Heretics, Canada

The Last Compartment, Germany

The Night Of The Virgin, Spain

Tokyo Ghoul, Japan

Who's Watching Oliver, USA

Local Animations • Animaciones Locales

in alphabetical order • En órden alfabético

‣     Chuza, Puerto Rico

‣     In Case of emergency, Puerto Rico

‣     On The Other Side, Puerto Rico

‣     Pitiguá, Puerto Rico

‣     The Munchies, Puerto Rico

‣     When life gives you lemon, Puerto Rico

International Animations • Animaciones Internacionales

in alphabetical order • En órden alfabético

‣     Fierce, France

‣     Head, Israel

‣     Hive, Canada

‣     Light Sight, Islamic Republic of Iran

‣     Made in Spain, Spain

‣     Roohangiz, Islamic Republic of Iran

‣     The Brothers Brimm, USA

‣     Uka, Spain

‣     Under The Apple Tree, Netherlands

Virtual Reality • Realidad Virtual

in alphabetical order • En órden alfabético

‣ Down to the Plastic Ocean

‣ Let this be a Warning

‣ Ray

‣ The 37th Week

‣ The Spacewalker

‣ Tomorrow

On-Line Selection • Selección On-Line

in alphabetical order • En órden alfabético

Blood Sport

‣ Cold Storage

‣ María Fernanda in time

‣ Mouse

‣ The Baby's Crying

‣ The Witching Hour


Short Films • Cortometrajes

in alphabetical order • En órden alfabético

‣     #NotAlone, Greece

‣     A Father's Day, United Kingdom

‣     Adalyn, Puerto Rico

‣     Alfred J. Hemlock, Australia

‣     Alien Hand, Puerto Rico

‣     Amo, Spain

‣     Apolo81, Spain

‣     Babayka, Russia

‣     Behind, Spain

‣     Billion Walk, Germany

‣     Black Ring, Turkey

‣     Born Again, USA

‣     Born of Sin, USA

‣     Brown Evil, USA

‣     Buzzcut, USA

‣     Bye Bye Baby, Spain

‣     Cambio, Spain

‣     Camhouse Massacre, USA

‣     Cautionary Tales, United Kingdom

‣     Chronesthesia, Puerto Rico

‣     Cruel is the night, Belgium

‣     Divina, Puerto Rico

‣     Dolphinman Battles the Sex Lobsters, USA

‣     Eco de Invierno, Spain

‣     Einstein-Rosen, Spain

‣     El Escape, Colombia

‣     Escéptico, Puerto Rico

‣     Evströnger, Spain

‣     Extraterrestres, Spain

‣     Father, United Kingdom

‣     Filippa, Sweden

‣     Girl #2, USA

‣     Good Morning, USA

‣     Goodnight, Gracie, USA

‣     Guntram: Prey, Puerto Rico

‣     Hard Way - The Action Musical, Germany

‣     Hipster, Puerto Rico

‣     Holiday Fear, USA

‣     Home Education, United Kingdom

‣     I See You Everywhere, Spain

‣     Icarus, USA

‣     Instante Natalia, Puerto Rico

‣     Julkita, Mexico

‣     Justicia Justiciera III Kungfu Karate Annihilator, Spain

‣     La Linterna de Mama, Puerto Rico

‣     Lapso, Puerto Rico

‣     Last Night Together, Puerto Rico

‣     Laurels, USA

‣     Les plus courtes sont toujours les meilleures!, France

‣     Lights Out!!!, Switzerland

‣     Lo Innombrable, Puerto Rico

‣     Manga Warrior, Puerto Rico

‣     Meow, USA

‣     Mirrored, USA

‣     Muero por tí, Puerto Rico

‣     Nibble, USA

‣     Nicole's Cage, Germany

‣     Oh, Dear, USA

‣     Room For Rent, Spain

‣     Shortcut, United Kingdom

‣     Solved, USA

‣     Spooked, France

‣     Studded Nightmare, Canada

‣     Supermarket, Puerto Rico

‣     The Box, Ireland

‣     The Dark Hunger, USA

‣     The Honeymoon, United Kingdom

‣     The Hooker and the Necrophiliac, USA

‣     The Incredible Tale of the Incredible Woman-Spider, France

‣     The Munchies, Puerto Rico

‣     The Woodcutter, Australia

‣     Thou Shalt Not Lie, Germany

‣     Thresher, Canada

‣     Trapped, United Kingdom

          Undress Me, Canada

‣     Vehemencia, Puerto Rico

‣     Vórtice, Puerto Rico

‣     Xanathos, Puerto Rico